The licensee portal

The REA licensee portal lets you quickly and easily manage your licence online.

Using the licensee portal

You can use the licensee portal to apply for a licence, renew your licence, voluntarily suspend your licence, pay your annual suspension fee, extend your suspension and view and update your details.

The licensee portal cannot currently be used to revive or surrender an individual licence.

Licensee portal

Logging in to the licensee portal

What you will need to provide the first time you log in 
  • A RealMe log in — if you don’t already have a RealMe login, you will be asked to create a RealMe username and password when you first log in to the licensee portal. You can apply on the RealMe website. (RealMe is managed by the Department of Internal Affairs and has been set up to make it easier for individuals and organisations to get things done online).
  • Your licence number — if you don't know your licence number, you can check it on the public register here.
  • Your first and last names.
  • Your date of birth.
After logging in the first time
Use your RealMe username and password.

Invoices and documents

You can find copies of your invoices, evidence of licence, and other licensing documents when you log in to the licensee portal.

When you have logged in, click ‘Documents’ in the top bar, located under the green ribbon. If you are in a different section of the portal, you will first need to click ‘Update details’ then select ‘Documents’ in the subheading.

Please note that your invoice will be generated within 24 hours of completing a licensing application.

If you’re looking for documents for a company, click ‘Update Agencies’, select the applicable company, then click ‘Documents’.

Licensee portal help

Questions about RealMe

If you are having trouble with your RealMe username and/or password, please contact RealMe on 0800 664 774. RealMe is managed by the Department of Internal Affairs.

REA cannot help with questions about your RealMe access and we do not have access to your username or password.

If you receive a message that says, ‘Oops something is wrong’, please give us a call — This could be because:

  • you are using a different RealMe account from the last time you logged in
  • you may have used you RealMe login before, but not in the REA licensee portal.
Contact us

Phone: 0800 367 7322

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